Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica
Rolex Deepsea Replica

Rolex Deepsea: Elaborated In the Collaboration With Professional Divers

Meet the ultra-resistant underwater Rolex Deepsea watch, a real divers’ model which has been developed from the decades of the collaboration with diving professionals. COMEX, a renowned company, specializing in engineering undersea technologies, has become the partner of Rolex in developing this model. The watch was unveiled in 2008, having become the culmination of the Rolex mastery in waterproofness. It is designed particularly for deep sinking but still remains a stylish luxury accessory for everyday use.

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Rolex has lived through the decades of real-life experience to research how their watches have been used in the harshest diving adventures. Their own experiments and real divers’ stories have been feeding the passion to create perfect underwater watches ended up with the Rolex Deepsea models, having become the upper point of the pursuit of perfection in waterproofness for that time.

The engineering process was encouraged by the same pioneering spirit that moved Rolex to the innovations to have found its embodiment in the Submariner and Sea-Dweller models, invented in the 1950s and 1960s.

Tracking the development of the Rolex waterproof technologies utilized in their watches, we see that Rolex Deepsea is rooted in the experimental Rolex model, Deep See Special, released in 1960 that successfully traveled to the deepest point of the ocean – to the depth of 10,916 meters.

Superior Characteristics

There is the 904L stainless steel composing the architecturally complex 44 mm case of the watch with a single direction rotatable bezel. The metal is fantastically resistant to corrosion. It is also polished very well. The titanium-alloyed caseback is dark-grey. The black Cerachrom dial of the watch, marketing the idea of divers’ purposeful character, is manufactured in-house, i.e. by hand. This style of manufacturing is where Rolex takes advantage and superiority in the world of watches: achieving high-precision, masterly crafted details in the overall complex and impeccable mechanism. The hour markers are crafted from 19 ct gold what prevents tarnishing.

The quality of the bracelet makes you want to buy Rolex Deepsea more. You feel the masculine power and confidence conveyed by the watch. The bracelet is robust and comfortable, equipped with Oysterlock which prevents accidental opening, and ingenious Glidelock which allows the adjustment of the bracelet. The last thing will be especially useful when you deal with a thick sleeve of a diving suit. There isn’t any individual Rolex Deepsea size as the locks of the bracelet are designed to fit any thickness and thinness of a wrist.

The decades of the collaboration between COMEX and Rolex have turned into outstandin waterproof properties of this model. It resists the titanic pressure at the scaring depth up to 3,900 meters (12 000 feet).

The 5 mm thickness of domed sapphire crystals is one of the waterproof qualities, but it is also a general brilliant watch protection solution.

Internal Supremacy

For the inner mechanism, Rolex has elaborated Caliber 3135 providing self-winding mechanical movement. The perpetual movements of the caliber have found glory as a certified Swiss chronometer. It is a designation given to high-precision watches after they have passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests. The whole working composition is established with the Parachrom hairspring showing greater resistance to blows and temperature extremes.

The time must wait to take its toll on the Rolex Deepsea models as the nitrogen alloyed stainless steel used to form many functional details is indestructible.

New Case Features

Avail yourself of Rolex Deepsea in UK with its fantastic Oyster case which, contributed with the movement architecture, provides unprecedented reliability. Nevertheless, there is a new singular feature, worthy of special attention, in this model – the helium escape valve – a truly profession-oriented detail developed to meet the specific requirements of the divers’ profession reality.

After a deep dive, when divers spent a lot of time at the depth of a professional diving level, they must stay for a certain period of time in a decompression chamber where they breathe a gas mixture containing helium.

Helium is extremely light and non-volatile gas which, typically for gas, evenly infiltrates the whole space till its boundaries. Helium naturally finds its way to penetrate into the watch, but it fails to escape from the inner watch room fast enough to avoid the pressure pushing the sapphire crystals out of the case.

The engineers have made a gas escape valve for Rolex Deepsea enabled by the spring. The mechanism opens the case when the difference inside and outside of the watch reaches 3-5 bars. Helium escapes very fast, and no possibility of the dangerous level pressure is left.

Ringlock System

The whole system successfully withstands the water pressure equal to 3 tons due to the sapphire crystals reinforcing the construction made of fantastically firm and resistant metals. Three components make the construction impeccably invulnerable: a nitrogen-alloyed central ring – the backbone of the system; the 5 mm thick domed sapphire crystal layer of the case; the caseback alloyed in grade 5 titanium.

If you buy Rolex Deepsea, you will de facto wear the most robust aerospace-grade materials available. Feeling well?

Design Features

The bezel houses a disc-shaped Cerachrom black background which is matchlessly scratch-proof.

The Rolex Deepsea size is adjustable due to the dual extension of the bracelet. It can be extended quite long to fit a broad man’s wrist in a thick wetsuit.

In the conditions of deep underwater darkness, the blue glow turns on to aesthetically illuminate the dial.

The model art design features are not deprived of a practical approach. The divers are not about to experience the problems with setting a diving time because the bezel knurled edge allows rotating the bezel easily even in thick glows providing necessary grip.

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